Turn off double keys and use all 61 keys only once and not only 39 at once like now

That’s my other request: An option to turn off the double keys and have each key only once so we can use the whole number of 61 keys and not only 61-22= 39 keys that we can actually currently use…

This would be in a next update, allowing you to make your own layout, one of them would be all midi notes values (e.g. from 1 to 61)


That sounds great, thank you! I’m looking forward to this update!
Sorry for my mistake, surely the Exquis (watching YT videos with you I recognized the similar sound to X-Keys of which I once owned one :smiley: ) has 61 keys and not 56…

it can be great en effet j attends la programmation des light avec impatience

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Mais ouis!

Absolutement! Full note by note assignment for all 61 keys will be perfect!