Surge XT presets saved as xqipreset don't play (all the time) + "workaround" I've found to this problem


I’ve noticed strange behaviour when using converted Surge XT presets to xqipresets (it might also be the case with other VST(3) plugins. I’ve only used Surge at the moment).

So when I try to use a converted Surge XT preset, the app will freeze and get unresponsive, you can’t do anything in it anymore. (the exquis itself is still responding to keypresses, the leds on the keyboard light up), and no sound seems to be produced.
This has been going on since the beginning I have the Exquis, and sometimes the converted presets play and sometimes they don’t.

After trying to reproduce the bug multiple times, I’ve found a pattern and a « workaround » to use the converted Surge Presets.

==> If you create a new loop using the converted preset immediately, it will almost always freeze the app every time and no sound is produced (except, sometimes a few faint clicks).
This « freeze » can be « undone » with the « undo » key on the keyboard and the app then « unfreezes » and you can use it again.

The workaround to this problem I have found is the following ==> If I first create a loop with a Factory preset, and then CHANGE the sound and use a converted Surge preset on that loop, it DOES work without a problem.

So I guess there must be an issue in the code when creating a new loop with a converted preset. You might want to look at that portion of the code to see what happens.

So, now at least I can use converted presets, but it’s a little annoying having to use the « change sound » workaround with a factory preset every time.

If you need more info or tests or the preset files I use to test the behaviour, just let me know… I’m happy to help…
I’m on windows 11 using the 1.0.1 app version


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We recently discovered what caused the freeze: it happens when saving then opening a new preset on the app (it never happens just by editing one of our own presets, but always when making a new one from the Surge XT soundbank or creating a brand new one from the « init saw »)

(Let me know if that is not what you are actually talking about.)

It happens when doing that too.
But it also happens whenever you try to start the program from scratch. There is no « need » to first create a new sound or convert an existing one.

So =>

  1. Open program
  2. Go to sounds and select any converted preset (except Factory preset) to create a new loop
    => App Freezes, no sound produced.
    You can undo the freeze of the app by using the « back » button on the keyboard.

However if you do this=>

  1. Open program
  2. Go to sounds, select a Factory preset to create a new loop.
  3. Press Loops and Change sound
  4. Select previously converted preset to replace Factory sound
    => It plays without a problem!

So basically, every time I create a NEW loop with a non-factory preset, it freezes… and only with Surge XT so it seems… I’ve made a Speedrum Drum kit just now, saved and converted it, and it played immediately. No need to use the « Change sound » workaround.

Hope this helps to pinpoint the problem.

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I think I’ve found what the problem is… :slight_smile:
Is it possible that one of the parameters in the xqipreset format is the path where the preset is saved (or do you have a configfile where that path is stored)?

Because I’ve just merged two soundbanks that had the same directory structure into just one directory, and the problem is there again… even after refreshing the presets list in the app…
Other than changing the path of the presets, nothing has changed…

I think you need to check that… I don’t see what else it could be after what I did…


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