Real latch mode also including the keys

This is a request from the Facebook group.
Heidi Chan, who made it, allowed me to post it here and as I exactly feel the same and would request the same, here is her post:
Hello, new Exquis user. Quite enjoy the feel and sensitivity of the pads. I love getting my brain used to the isomorphic keyboard (it makes so much sense). Mainly using it with the CV outs controlling a voice in my Eurorack setup.
Just updated the firmware to 1.1. I like the Arpeggiator « latched » mode, but usually « latched » also means once we press the keys we can lift our hands off of them and free to do other things until we want to change the arp. Wondering if that’s possible in a newer firmware, maybe one of the encoder clicks could activate the keys to be latched as well. Thank you.