No sounds in app; presets missing

Just got my Exquis and have spent an hour trying to get any sounds to play, with no luck.

I’m running the app version 1.0.1 on an M1 MacBook Pro running macOS 14.1.1.

  • The app does connect to the device: the control buttons on the bottom work properly.
  • But nothing happens when I press the note pads.
  • When I go to the Sounds mode I can select Factory at the top left, then a category from the set beneath that, but unlike in the video there are no presets listed on the remaining pads.
  • I’ve scanned for AUs and they show up, but when I select one I don’t get any sound either.
  • I’ve done the obvious troubleshooting steps like testing that my volume isn’t off, running the Scan Presets command, etc.

I spent some time on it as well. I scanned VST3s instead of AUs (but it should work the same).
When you go to Sounds in the app, you have to double-click on the plugin you want to use.

I hope this will help,

Wow, that is unintuitive! I tried this with several of my AUs, and some (but not all) of them would play a sound. There wasn’t any way to select a sound, though; I just got some preset and none of the pads would alter it.

And choosing DecentSampler locked up the app.

To select a sound (if it’s not a factory preset), you have to show the plugin editor Loops screen → right click on the track plugin → Show plugin editor.