MIDI won't work

May be very simple but can’t get it to work…

I want the Exquis’ tempo getting synced by the Roland TR8S.
I connected them like this:
MIDI cable out the TR8S, MIDI DIN Adapter at the other end of the cable and into the Exquis (MIDI In).
Tried it also the other way round (Exquis syncing TR8S - also didn’t work).

Help is much appreciated!

Thanks (:

Welcome to the forum!

I tried MIDI sync from an external sequencer to the Exquis a couple of months ago and it worked OK, although the tempo display in the Exquis app did not update.

So you might want to consider the other factors:

  • What settings have you made on the TR-8S to send MIDI clock messages?
  • What MIDI adaptor did you use to connect to the Exquis?

Again, this should be fine.

  • What MIDI adaptor did you use?
  • What settings did you make on the TR-8S to receive MIDI clock messages?
  • I’ve set the TEMPOSYNC on Internal and turned the SYNC OUT On. (TR-8S)

  • I use the delivered TRS MIDI TYPE A Adapter.

The other way round I set the TEMPOSYNC on MIDI on the TR8S. (Same Adapter)