MIDI USB to iPhone

I have an Apple Camera Kit adapter. It works fine, I have tested with a MIDI monitor on my iPhone - if I connect an Arturia Minilab mkII it shows the connection and key traffic.

If I try to do the same with the Exquis, nothing works. No music app recognizes it as a MIDI source, and the MIDI monitor shows nothing at all when connected.

I have tried all the MIDI output options, nothing works via USB.

I am a little confused why this would not work, since the same setup is seen here with the artist playing something off his phone…

What am I doing wrong?

Using the MIDI DIN out works as expected. Just USB MIDI seems to be missing in action.


The app does not recognize the device at all via MIDI DIN.
If I connect it to the MIDI bus, I can see the input messages with a monitor on my laptop.
The app appears to only work when directly connected to the laptop via USB.

Not pretty sure why, but as on the video you have to use an USB adapter like this : if you plug the Exquis directly to the iPhone it is not recognized.

I am not sure I understand your other point about the app not recognizing the device via MIDI DIN : I am trying through a scarlett 4i4 and it works as a MIDI input (not as an output, to use the menus for example, has to be via USB)

Yeah I am using the Apple Lightning to USB3 adapter, functionally the same as that except for the headphone jack. I plug the Exquis into the USB port, a power bank into the lightning input port, and the lightning output into the phone. No dice.

If I plug the Exquis into my mixer’s MIDI in (which is connected to my laptop), the Exquis functions perfectly as a MIDI controller in any audio app, except for Exquis.

In Exquis, if I set the input to the mixer’s MIDI in, it doesn’t pick up anything at all. Which is fine, btw - I expect that it will not function without direct connection.