MIDI MPE/PolyAT channel output

Excuse me if answers to these questions are already available elsewhere. I have read the 8 page User guide (v1.0.0) in English for Exquis but I need to ask…

Page 8 of the manual says that the MIDI menu can be used to choose MPE or Poly Aftertouch operation. I can use the first encoder to change the number of MIDI channels in the MPE mode (blue LEDs), but I can’t select the Poly AfterTouch mode (yellow LEDS). How do I select Poly Aftertouch?

Page 8 of the manual says that in MPE mode « channel 1 is used for note and global messages ». For me, the buttons and knobs transmit MIDI CC messages on channel 1 but Note messages are sent on channels 2 to 16 only. How can I send MIDI Note messages on channel 1?

I can now answer this question. Although it’s not stated in the User Guide (1.0.0), holding the MIDI menu button and clicking the first encoder changes the mode between MPE and PolyAT. Then the MIDI channel number can be selected by holding the MIDI menu button and turning the first encoder.


Another MIDI question:
In PolyAT mode, the Exquis does not appear to send PitchBend (X direction) or CC 74 (Y direction) data: is this the intended behaviour?
(It does send these messages in MPE mode.)

Hold the “Sounds” button and press that first encoder. It switches to a yellow LED for Standard MIDI mode (all messages sent to the channel you assign, the Z axis is then PolyAT, and there’s no per-note control in X and Y).
In MPE mode, as you’ve noticed, the only MIDI messages sent on the global channel (channel 1 by default) are those meant to affect all notes. Notes are sent to channels 2–N (N being the number of channels you specify with those blue LEDs).


Thank you for your feedback, indeed the manual did not mention to click on the encoder to switch modes, the correction has been made


I see it do that but then it returns back to a single light in 1 second. How do you make it store the selection of midi channels

how do you make it keep the setting??

If the « single light » is the LED below the first (left-hand) encoder, then the change to the channel number has been made. The Exquis will remain on the desired MIDI channel while it is powered on. The mode and channel number are not stored when the Exquis is switched off.

I have seen several users request that the selected mode and channel number be stored when the Exquis is switched off. I don’t know whether the company can add that feature.

The save of all parameters in the keyboard will be in a (the?) next update