MIDI In port function

What is the function of the MIDI In port on the Exquis?

What MIDI messages does the Exquis respond to?

Hello, just like MIDI in via USB, for now it is only used to sync the midi clock (and thus the speed of the arpeggiator), but soon it will also allow to light up keys :slight_smile:


oh, does that mean we’ll have midi feedback working? this would be such a great thing for DAW use. Does that also mean that there is currently no midi feedback to set the LED state via midi on th Exquis?

Not officially.

However, at least one independent developer has has been able to do so:


MIDI feedback would be great (for example to have the knob led intensity reflecting the value of the knob if we change it from the device it’s mapped to).
Hopefully the MIDI in port will also be useful soon to change the scale from an external device. :grin:

In addition to the things suggested here i would love a midi thru/merge option to minimize the need for hubs in midi setups, and support for play/pause etc so that you could potentially use the app as a part of a bigger setup triggered by an external « brain » (like my circuit tracks).