Microtonal uses

Hi, I am interested in microtonal applications of the controller. Is it possible to remap the notes of the pads within the software for non 12 tone systems? Much like you can with the Sensel/lumatone apps or other isomorphic layout controllers

It is not currently possible to customise scales, although I think that the manufacturer is considering implementing this.

The Exquis is a controller device that sends MIDI Note messages. For microtonal music, the sound source that receives those Note messages would need to interpret them appropriately.

…yes, time to dig into Scala etc… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have you tried software which supports MTS-ESP? In my experience, it’s the most efficient way to play with diverse tuning systems.
It’s unlikely that the Exquis will ever support microtonality/microtuning. However, when I use Entonal Studio (or Wilsonic, etc.) with Surge, u-he synths, or MPE synths, I’m able to play in any tuning I want and the isomorphic layout works quite well.