There are some rough edges with the app on macOS:

  1. The installer is unsigned, so the OS treats it as potentially malware. It’s possible to get around this (right-clicking the installer and choosing Open) but not all users know this. And it just gives a bad first impression.
  2. It doesn’t even seem that an installer is necessary; I looked through the logs and all it seems to do is copy the app to /Applications. The usual thing to do is to ship a disk image or Zip file containing the app, and letting the user drag it to their app folder.
  3. The app stores presets in the user’s Documents folder. That’s a no-no. That folder is only for documents explicitly created by the user. Presets and other settings should go in ~/Library/Application Support. See the Apple Human Interface Guidelines for details.

Yes. I don’t know if this is Mac-specific, but I had difficulty finding Exquis in Bitwig since it doesn’t have a signed Manufacturer-specific driver.