Loops in snaps don't play in sync

I’m having trouble getting snaps to play correctly.

When I start a snap, most of the time one of the loops within plays off-phase with the other loops. I’m having a really hard time just getting the snap to play from the beginning.

For example:
Snap 1 has loops of 2, 4 and 8 bars.
Snap 2 has snap 1’s loops plus a 16 bar loop.
I start playing snap 2 right as snap 1 is ending.
The 16 bar loop in snap 2 will start playing half way through.

Additionally, I have set a target and repeat number for my snaps but no matter what they either loop infinitely or play from top to bottom.

Noted. Indeed the way it is today can only make behaviors like the one you are experiencing. We will look into it (we probably will add a « reset playhead » feature to each snap for example, in addition to set the duration in beats as well


Good to hear! This is currently the biggest blockade to being able to perform songs with the device