Isomorphic key layout modes

First, i will offer some advice on marketing this product.

Nowhere in your information (website, PDF) does it plainly state that the Exquis uses a Harmonic Table layout… though it is easy enough to deduce this from the description.

Nowhere does it state that this layout cannot be changed. So I needed to download the app and see what customisation was available.

Many people will not do so much to determine what should already be obvious from your product description.

Second, a question. Will Exquis support additional isomorphic layouts (e.g. Wicki-Hayden)? Will it support custom scales? Will it support microtuning? And if so, what is the timeline for these features?

I hoped that this device would be optimised as a controller, but instead resources have been spent creating an app for looping and sample playback. But applications already exist for that!

Please make Exquis the best controller it can be before implementing extraneous features. It could then find a place in the education sector. (I am a university lecturer in digital media.)

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The Exquis actually uses a « half-dualo » (you may also call it « vertical Gerhard ») layout.

The page states it in the section about the note layout ; we will support other note layouts very soon (I would peronnally say before summer), and allow to create your own. Same thing for scales.

Once you have your custom layout and scale (or even if you don’t), you only need to use the right plugins to play in microtonal.

We both work on the best expressive hexagonal keyboard for « amateurs/professionals », and on the best possible app for « beginners/amateurs » (as professionnal usually use their own DAWs or hardware). Officially out since January, the keyboard indeed still lacks customizability (note layout, CCs), which our next step, and the app is in its first public version and we still have lots of ideas (pedagogical and functional) to implement.


Thanks for the detailed response. That is excellent about the forthcoming customisation options.