I need help with du-community / Intuitive Instruments

When I go here:

I am unsuccessful in joining the discord chat (the invite does not work) and
I am unsuccessful in getting to the file sharing site.
I hope someone would be kind and help :wink:
thank you for your time.

Be sure that the Discord App (not the website) is installled and open.

Then click on the link and it should work.

I hope it will help :slight_smile:

I checked and the invite should be working, maybe BloC is right but can you be more specific about how it does not work?

The file sharing platform is only accessible from the du-station software, if you have trouble accessing it from there make sure you arrive on this page in the software (if not, click on the logo on the top left corner) :

Thank you for your time and your reply.
Here is more information:

More info:
I am trying to get here: Intuitive Instruments Community
From here: https://dualo.com/en/cart/
By clicking near the lower right hand where it says « Discord Chat »

Thank you for your time and your reply.
I got the app. I tried to join this server:

but the discord app window goes black. There’s nothing. I can go back and the app looks like it’s working but when I try to join the server, it goes black.