How do I explain this? xD Only keys from a scale with no other keys in between, please

Okay, I hope you understand what I mean.
I would really appreciate to have only the keys of a desired scale with no other keys in between as an option. The keys would be narrower and more octaves would fit on the keyboard as a good side effect.
What do you think?

Do you mean a diatonic mode ? I guess with all key lit up, so you would have about 9 octaves (7 notes per octave, 61 keys in total)

If so, in my opinion that would eliminate the isomorphic aspect of the keyboard (especially for chords)

Yes, thank you. That’s the correct vocabulary. :slight_smile:
I See the problem. Exquisit is primarily marketed as an isomorphic keyboard.
So why should there be a diatonic mode.
Well, that’s a fair point.
Still I think, it would be great to be able to use this great MPE keyboard in diatonic mode, too.

I guess in a way there still could be a diatonic mode, just need to dig into the right and relevant way to do it


Yes, please. I’d like user-defined non-accidental modes. That fits perfectly into using Exquis as a modal instrument.

  1. MODAL: Define the notes and degrees of the mode scale. Between 5 and 7 notes. Spread across the entire 61 notes. No accidentals.

  2. INTERVALIC: progression modes. Repeating intervalic progression of random length without a set octave return to the tonic. Again, no accidentals. Only the set intervals.

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