Exquis idea - Intelligent pitchbend

Given that the Exquis is aware of the scale being played, would it be possible for it to intelligently manage the pitchbend range for each key, so that at full positive/negative bend, the key will hit the pitch of the next/previous note in the scale?

I think that would be a lot of fun.

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Yes! Could play some super slinky leads with that mode! Great idea!

Thinking about this a little more, it might be nice if you could set the bend range to multiple steps up/down the scale. You could specify the note range in the same way that the bend range is set currently, one pad for each scale step.

This can be achieved using Entonal Studio. Pitch bends are interpolated according to the loaded scale. Meaning you can glide from one note to another with MPE no matter what interval or frequency it is set to.

Thanks but I don’t want to use Entonal Studio. I’m sure it’s great if you’re into microtonal things but I’m not. I’m just proposing ideas to make my lovely MIDI controller even more awesome.

Hey that seems a lot of fun!
Thank you for the idea. I believe it will be inside a set of features related to pedagogical things we are gathering. Keep on posting :wink:

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