Exquis - Feature Request - To be able to rotate Exquis in landscape mode


I would like to have an option to set the Exquis in « landscape » mode.

Off course if I want to play horizontally, I just have to rotate the device, but, in this case, the pitch bend modulation is vertical and the other modulation is horizontal.

So it would be great to rotate these two modulations to have them like in « portrait » mode.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I also play in landscape mode. Some things are slightly awkward, including pitchbend. At the same time, because it bends towards a note a semitone apart, I’m not completely sure that breaking that connection would help.
(Weirder is the way the Buchla Thunder overlay for the Sensel Morph has zones which go up in pitch from right to left yet pitchbend from them still goes up from left to right.)

In other words, this is the kind of thing which would require some testing.

I like landscape too but I like to stay at vibrato left to right and pitchbend up and down but with reversed directions for the pitch, pushing up - bend up, pushing down - bend down.

Now its exactly opposite and it feels a bit strange to me to rise the pitch of a note pulling an Pad to me.


We are working on new layouts, and on a way to switch axes and their directions for the next update :slight_smile:


Il m’a fallu regarder une video de Sergueï jouant du Dualo pour comprendre la position des mains « idéale » pour jouer de l’exquis dans sa configuration de clavier actuelle.

En effet, si on le tient verticalement contre son ventre, alors les doigts se posent naturellement sur les touches pour créer des accords.

Par contre, à plat sur une table, la position la plus naturelle est plutôt de le jouer horizontalement.

Donc j’attend avec impatience la possibilité d’inverser les modulations horizontales et verticales quand on joue dans le mode horizontal. :slight_smile:

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