Every Seventh note not playing in some cases


Has anyone had this problem ? ==>

Sometimes, when playing the keyboard on the Exquis, every seventh note is not played… So far It only happens with instruments/presets that have been converted to the xqipreset format. I have never had this problem with the factory presets/instruments.

The presets I converted where all SURGE XT presets in fxp format downloaded from the internet (on presetshare dot com).
Some converted presets play just fine, but some… have this very strange behaviour.

The Exquis keyboard definitely is registering me pressing it, as it lights up, so it’s not me :wink:

My OS is Windows 11 on a very small laptop (MEDION Laptop AKOYA E14223 Intel Celeron N4120 (MD62560 BE).
I’m using the 1.0.1 version of the Exquis app.

I could post the problematic presets on my Google Drive (including the original fxp version) and share in this group if someone wants to try it out and see if you can replicate the behaviour…


Hello, could you check that your presets, when you create a track with them then open the Surge plugin, has the « MPE » setting (top of the Surge window) activated?

I will check that tonight -as I had planned a little playtime on my Exquis- and get back to you with the results…

Also, if your presets launch 2 or 3 sounds (so are using 2 or 3 canals) per key, it might reach the 16-canal limitation (written in the top left corner)

At first sight, it seems to have solved the 7th note not playing issue. THANK!!! :slight_smile:
Although I can’t be 100% sure as I still have the problem of the app freezing almost every single time when I try to load converted Surge XT presets… so it’s kind of difficult to test correctly.

I will make a new thread for this problem.