Encoders cannot be used with virtual instruments when app is open

The subject line says it all. With the Exquis app open and a virtual instrument assigned, if I open the instrument editor and want to assign the encoders to a parameter of the instrument to control timbre or whatever, the instrument does not recognize any changes when turning the encoder. The MIDI learn function does not work.

The MIDI learn function works as expected in standalone mode, and encoders can be assigned.

There seems to be no way in the app to control a virtual instrument with Exquis.
Only Factory-supplied sounds via Surge XT seem to have encoder assignment.

We will allow cc assignations soon ; indeed for now we use SysEx messages (the « assignation » is only made for the macros of surge XT, to be able to show their names under the knobs on the app, but we will change this so that you can assign anything and probably rename effects on the app and save them within the Exquis preset file)