Encoder caps on Exquis


Just got my Exquis and I’m wondering if anyone has tried removing the encoder caps and replacing them with other caps. I have some nicer and grippier spare caps from DJ Tech Tools that i could use instead.

Was curious if they are removable and also whether a standard cap would fit (assuming its the bare post underneath that cap but don’t want to break it right away).


Yes easily removable. just pull it


What dimension are the fittings?
Looking to replace mine too, they are simply way to tall


found some caps on an old midi controller i dont use to replace with for now. but i have ordered some lower profile knobs from ali express that i think will fit nicely, and also make the exquis not stick up so much :slight_smile: will post update when they arrive.

I honestly have to say that the knobs is probably the most poor choice hardwarewise for the exquis, they look strange and feel extremely cheap and plasticky

The caps are removable. I made wooden enclosures for them.