Arp Latched mode. How?


I’m a new user of Exquis. I’ve got the correct firmware installed according to the docs.
Yet I cannot figure out how to put the Arp into latched mode.
The manual says hold your finger on the slider for a second.
I’ve done that a thousand different ways, all it does is change the Arp mode to the next in line.

What magic gesture must I use to get that working?


Hello, it only works on standalone (without the app) for now, it will be the case in the app in the next update

Ahha! Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve noticed that with other things.
The second settings page, the USB setting. None of them work with the app open.
It’s quite frustrating having to close the app to make changes, then go back in again.
I was following the tutorial video for the last update and nothing worked correctly (because I had the app open).

Except the key sensitivity, the settings you make in standalone are not taken into account in the app, as the app becomes the master