About MIDI CC, buttons, encoders, and MIDI Channel settings

The default CCs are a bit weird given this chart:

(granted… a lot of apps, synths and other devices to what ever they want with CC… but its always nice when devices have actually based their controls on this chart so things just work out of the box)

there might a spesific daw or other implementation you are targeting here, but if they are just random CC i would have preferred they used the « undefined » spaces for instance (46-63)

but for the encoders either some of the modulation options or even things like filter and cutoff, would instantly make the device work with a lot of software and hardware out of the box and at least do « something »

i hope we get the option to customize the CC values eventually as that would make it a lot more flexible as a portable and MIDI controller.

The way this is set up, you are going to get very random and weird behaviour if a user just plugs this into a device/program and tries the buttons

And speaking of easy to use. There should be a easy way to set midi out channel when not in MPE mode, so that its easy to use the device on the go with various MIDI gear.

If there is, i did not see it in the PDF.


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It is (poorly) described in the latest version of the PDF, downloadable from here:

The method is:

  • hold the second button and click the first encoder until the LED under that encoder turns yellow;
  • while holding the second button, turn the first encoder until the yellow LEDs conform to the applicable pattern for your chosen channel number as shown on page 8.
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I hope the swap that binary display for the suggested « font » posted in the discord using the pads to make numbers and letters. A lot more user friendly.

i see it was posted by one of the staff, so they are definitely aware of this being an option :smiley:


Unfortunately this does not seem to work anymore…

They have moved things around in the latest firmware.
Make sure you look at the updated manual.

Settings now have mulitiple « pages » in non-app mode that you can change between with the buttons to the right of the slider. The MPE mode and/or midi channel settings are on page 2

As a bonus its easier seeing what midi channel you have selected with the new firmware since it shows as a number of lit pads (not like my example but just how many are lit) instead of that strange binary code display they used earlier.