A few Exquis Feature requests

A few QOL feature requests to make the experience smoother :

I’m going to refer only to standalone mode as I don’t use the app for the moment.

  • Access scales and root notes with program changes or midi cc
  • Possibility to disable scales completely
  • A few switchable custom layouts, with custom led colours including choice of mpe/poly at etc…Could be accessed via pchanges.
  • Colour coded Split Points and a simpler on the fly midi channel selection for non mpe usage. ( Press settings and notes 1-16 for exemple, binary is not a commonly spoken language )

I don’t know what is possible regarding exquis memory but asking doesn’t hurt…

Thanks guys for the amazing work.


Thank you for your feedback @KaOsphere. Asking will never hurt when asking with elegance :wink:

In the new coming firmware update, there will the possibility to disable the scales completely.
For the other points, we are already considering them, and we wish we can add them in future updates.

What would be great, is to give us some scénarios or contexts of use of each of this features.
Like, with our experimentations, we know changing scales with a midi message can be very useful in a pedagogical context.
Thank you for your support!


I would also love to have these features added, thanks for asking!

Here is an exemple of a context in which this could be useful for me: I’m working on a liveset with several machines but no computer. My main sequencer is an Elektron Octatrack which is synchronized to another sampler and many synths + effects. The Octatrack sends MIDI clock, tempo and MIDI notes to play melodies on my synths, and I have set up different synths and effects patches/presets for each song of the liveset. When I switch to a new song from my Octatrack, it sends CC and PC messages to the other machines so that it loads the appropriate presets on each synth and effect box (I can’t do it mannually, it has to be automated and quick). I would like to use the Exquis controller as a keyboard to improvise melodies on the synths of my choice: The MIDI out from the Exquis would go into the MIDI in of my Octatrack (so that I can then control any audio or MIDI channel of my setup) and I would like the scale to automatically change on the Exquis when I load a new song, sending a MIDI message from the MIDI Out of the Octatrack to the MIDI in of the Exquis. I hope it’s clear enough. :grinning:

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